#endweek5blues rally in Cambridge

#endweek5blues rally in Cambridge

I attended the rally outside the University’s symbolic Senate House, as students activitists from CDE (Cambridge Defend Education) concluded their week of action in support of a reading week. I stayed for an hour, talking to students, organisers and participants in the week-long show of solidarity, as well as taking lots of photos.

Here’s the link to the photo-led article on Varsity:


Ed Balls comes to Cambridge

On Thursday last week, the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls visited Cambridge to speak to students and members of CULC (Cambridge University Labour Club). I accompanied Varsity’s News Editor, with whom I co-ordinated questions, to St John’s, to take photos for what was going to be the following day’s front page. I then wrote up the article quickly, with additional reporting from the News Team, to make it in time for printing.

Here is the article and some of the photos I took:


IMG_0426 IMG_0439 IMG_0440